ZOMM Wireless Leash, Bluetooth Speakerphone, and Personal Safety Device for Mobile Phones

ZOMM Wireless Leash, Bluetooth Speakerphone, and Personal Safety Device for Mobile Phones
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Product Description

Meet the ultimate accessory for your Bluetooth-enabled phone. ZOMM is the first-ever Wireless Leash for the mobile phone. Using Bluetooth technology, ZOMM connects wirelessly to the mobile phone and lets the user know when they have left their phone behind. It's that simple. In addition, ZOMM also features a speakerphone for hands-free communication and a personal safety feature that can call emergency assistance from anywhere in the world--all in one sleek product.

Wireless Leash Losing your phone can be a nightmare. With ZOMM, never lose or misplace your phone again. Your ZOMM alerts you anytime your phone is more than 30 feet away. Using Bluetooth technology, ZOMM will vibrate, flash and sound an alarm letting you know that you are leaving your phone behind. No more leaving your phone on airplanes, in taxicabs, restaurants or movie theaters.

Bluetooth Speakerphone With ZOMM you will never miss another important call. ZOMM notifies you of an incoming call when paired with your mobile phone. Your ZOMM will vibrate, flash and ring when receiving a call. One push of the center Z-button and your ZOMM becomes a fully-functioning speakerphone with a noise-canceling microphone. Press the Z-button twice and your incoming call goes directly to voicemail. You can use your ZOMM to answer calls when reaching for your phone would be inconvenient or unsafe. When used as a speakerphone, ZOMM provides up to two hours of talk time on a single charge.

Personal Safety Device You can feel safe with ZOMM. Have you ever found yourself in a potentially dangerous situation? Have you ever had an emergency and needed help immediately? ZOMM gives peace of mind knowing that help is only a button push away. Hold the center Z-button for 9 seconds and your ZOMM will sound a loud panic alarm. Continue to hold the button through the alarm and your ZOMM will automatically dial emergency assistance from anywhere in the world. In a situation where you can not speak, a pre-recorded message will tell the operator to send help immediately.

What's in the Box ZOMM (black), key chain, belt/bag clip, instructions manual, wall charger and USB to Micro-USB computer cable (see image of included items).

ZOMM is powered by a Lithium ION battery which gives ZOMM a battery life of about 3 days (under normal usage conditions) or up to 2 hours of talk time. A rubber boot is installed to protect the micro-USB charging port.

More About ZOMM ZOMM is qualified by the Bluetooth SIG (Bluetooth.com) and uses the Bluetooth hands-free and headset profiles to connect with any mobile phone that supports Bluetooth wireless technology. ZOMM has been tested to work seamlessly with user's devices insuring the best possible experience. ZOMM uses a multi-layer PCBA onto which is soldered a highly integrated CSR BC05 MM chip and all of its supportive components including a FLASH memory, drive circuits for the microphone, vibrator, speaker, and seven bright white LEDs.