ViewHD Premium HDMI to TV Composite RCA AV + S Video Full Size Converter | Model: H2STVs

ViewHD Premium HDMI to TV Composite RCA AV + S Video Full Size Converter | Model: H2STVs
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Product Description

Universal HDMI to Composite AV + S-Video Converter, Support PAL and NTSC Formats Adopts the newest generation chipset to deliver the best video quality in class No video trimming, AV picture size is identical to input HDMI picture size Support HDMI input video format up to 1080P One Year Warranty

This converter box is designed to convert HDMI to either Composite Video or S-Video. It allows standard analog TV to use devices only equipped with HDMI output. It can support both AV composite Video and S-Video outputs at the same time.

It adopts the newest generation chipset to provide the best AV conversion performance in product category.

Features: 1. HDMI Input Supports All NTSC and PAL Resolutions up to 1080P: 480p(60Hz), 576P(50Hz), 720p(50Hz/60Hz),1080i(50Hz/60Hz), 1080p(50Hz/60Hz) 2. Output Signal: Conposite Video 480i (1.0Vpp), S-Video (Y:1.0Vpp, C:0.3Vpp) 3. Output Video Systems: PAL / NTSC, with a switch 4. Output Video Impedance:75Ω 5. Compatible with HDMI 1.3, support input HDMI video up to 1080P 6. Power Supply: DC 5V 7. Working Temperature:-25℃ ~ 75℃ 8. Working Humidity: 10% ~ 60% 9. Product Dimension: 152*70*26mm(L*W*H)

Package Includes: 1 H2STVs Converter 1 Power Adapter 1 User Manual 1 Composite RCA AV Cable (yellow, red, white), 3.6ft 1 S-Video Cable, 4.5ft

ViewHD One Year Warranty

Key Troubleshooting Tips: Please make sure to set the NTSC / PAL switch correctly. If you see output video in black & white, without color, most likely the NTSC / PAL switch is at the wrong position. To get audio, the audio signal in the HDMI input must be in stereo format; therefore, if you don't get sound, please make sure the HDMI source sends audio in stereo format. Please make sure the incoming HDMI signal format is standard at either 50Hz or 60Hz.