TRENDnet 300 Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader (TEW-637AP)

TRENDnet 300 Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader (TEW-637AP)
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Product Description

Eliminate wireless dead spots, seamlessly surf the Internet and help the environment by not throwing away your old router. The compact 300 Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader is designed around ease of use, performance, and environmental friendliness. The latest in wireless encryption ensures wireless security. Advanced Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna technology eliminates wireless dead spots. Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) lets you integrate other WPS devices into your network quickly.


Donīt throw away your existing wired or wireless router, upgrade it to high speed wireless N

No setup required-just plug it into your existing router

Enjoy up to 12x the speed and 4x the coverage of wireless g

Secure Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) at the touch of a button

the 300Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader upgrades your old, perfectly functioning router, to high speed wireless n.

Enjoy up to 12 times the speed and 4 times the coverage of a wireless g network.