Super Mario Bros. Wii - USED

Super Mario Bros. Wii - USED
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Product Description

Synopsis Experience the side-scrolling fun of Super Mario Bros. in a new way: in the company of your friends. New Super Mario Bros. Wii provides exciting new multiplayer action that lets you play cooperatively and competitively with up to three other players. Roam through the exciting and challenging side-scrolling worlds solo-style, as in previous versions of the game, or gather a group of friends or family to combine your talents in a fast-paced free-for-all.

Play as Mario, Luigi or one of two Toads, and encounter other fun characters from throughout the Mushroom Kingdom as you make your way through the game. Lend a hand to your fellow players to help save them from danger, or push them in the path of it to clear your own way to victory. Make use of the motion-sensing capabilities of your Wii Remote to employ fun tools, including seesaws and the exciting new propeller suit, which shoots you high into the sky. Ride atop various Yoshi characters, and use their tongues to your advantage, whether swallowing enemies or fellow players. FEATURES

Play as Mario, Luigi or any of two Toads as you roam through fun, fast-paced side-scrolling worlds Join up to three friends for hilarious multiplayer action that combines competition and cooperation Ride different Yoshi characters throughout the game, and encounter other characters from across the Mushroom Kingdom Employ the motion-sensing capabilities of your Wii Remote to use objects like a seesaw that will help you reach a higher platform Make use of exciting new items, such as a propeller suit that shoots you high into the air with a shake of your Wii Remote as well as Mario's new ability to change into Penguin Mario See how you match up against other players by comparing your score, coins collected and number of enemies defeated at the end of each stage in simultaneous multiplayer action For 1 to 4 players