Pyle Home PHPNC45 High-Fidelity Noise-Canceling Headphones with Carrying Case

Pyle Home PHPNC45 High-Fidelity Noise-Canceling Headphones with Carrying Case
Retail price: $113.99
Our price: $87.99

Product Description

Enjoy Your Audio With Comfort and Control

Pyle's PHPNC45 High-Fidelity Noise-Canceling Headphones are ergonomically designed to provide you with a unique listening experience. Your audio will be transformed into clean and crisp sounds with well-defined bass. You'll enjoy the comfort and style while traveling -- on planes, trains, and buses in these elegant headphones. The foam cushions are made to fit snug around your head while reducing outside noise leaving you with a truly pleasant listening session. Whether on the go or at home on the couch, treat yourself to an amazing listening experience.

Listen To Audio Not The Noise

Turn on the noise-canceling technology and ambient noise is instantly reduced. Lower-frequency sounds will fade away with the PHPNC45. You will even be able to enjoy your audio over the rumbling of an airplane engine. Ambient and outside enviroment sounds are quieted on your command. Simply flip the switch to instantly improve your audio quality. The thoughtful closed-style headphone design acts as an extra barrier against unwanted noise ensuring you hear your audio over outside noise.

Listen Anytime & Anywhere

The PHPNC45 makes for the ideal travel companion. The included carrying case ensures your headphones and accessories are protected when you are on the move. The PHPNC45 also comes with accessories that will have you prepared to enjoy high-quality audio wherever you go.

Accessories Included

Dual-Plug Adapter--for airplane compatability Extended-length and detachable 3.5mm audio cable Tough zippered case that protects headphones and accessories 1/4-inch stereo plug adapter compatable with most home receivers and non-portable stereo systems