PS3 Power Supply APS-226 Metal Casing (Refurbished)

PS3 Power Supply APS-226 Metal Casing (Refurbished)

Product Description

Is your PS3 system not turning on? If you have tried switching the power cable and it still doesn't work? Give your PS3 system a second chance by replacing the internal power supply.

Warning: These power supplies should only be installed by trained technicians! Improper installation of these power supplies may result in PERMANENT DAMAGE to the Playstation 3 console and game discs. Please note that A & M Digital Technologies cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs from improper installation of console components. A & M Digital Technologies technical staff will not dispense instructions or advice about the installation of console components.


Sony Playstation 3 Internal power supply part #: 1-474-036-11

PS3 must be opened up in order to install

Model #: APS-226 (ZSSR5391A)

Item is refurbished