PS3 Optical Lens KES400AAA (No Deck)

PS3 Optical Lens KES400AAA (No Deck)

Product Description

This is an OEM PS3 laser for older model PS3's that have one laser on the deck/drive. These Playstation 3's usually read original PS2/PS1 games, PS2 games, DVD movies and Blu-rays. Replacement lens assembly for model KES400AAA. This PS3 laser does not include deck.

Warning: These lasers should only be installed by trained technicians! Improper installation of these lasers may result in PERMANENT DAMAGE to the Playstation 3 console and game discs. Please note that A & M Digital Technologies cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs from improper installation of console components. A & M Digital Technologies technical staff will not dispense instructions or advice about the installation of console components. Correct common problems: Your games are taking much longer than before to load Your PS3 is having trouble reading certain games Watching DVD's is a pain owing to flickering screens and jumping scenes System shows a message "Disc Read Errors" or disc appears damaged or dirty on the screen.