Mini Magnet Mount Antenna

Mini Magnet Mount Antenna
Retail price: $29.95
Our price: $24.99

Product Description

The Wilson Electronics 301113 dual band mobile cellular antenna significantly reduces dropped calls and increases your cell phones range within the cellular (806 - 894 MHz) and PCS (1850 - 1990 MHz) bands. This mini magnet mount antenna was designed to minimize loss and maximize gain. You can expect unity gain in the cellular band and 1 dB gain in the PCS band with this whip antenna.

The mini magnet mount mobile antenna is easy-to-install in your vehicle and features a low-profile design. A flat metal ground plane is required. The cellular antenna is removable and can be easily transferred between vehicles. Requires Antenna Adapter Cable if connecting directly to a phone.

The Wilson dual band mini magnet mount antenna includes 10 feet of RG174 coax cable with installed FME female connector. Color is black.