iPhone 3GS Front Panel

iPhone 3GS Front Panel
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IMPORTANT: This part is only for the iPhone 3GS. Although visually identical, this part will not work in the iPhone 3G.

Includes touchscreen glass, integrated digitizer, and adhesive to attach the new part.

Statistic: The average child's hand carries over 4.3 billion different strains of bacteria.

Corollary: The average iPhone-toting parent develops an immune system not unlike the defenses of a fully operational Death Star.

The iPhone 3GS was meant to be touched. Letting little children touch your iPhone can certainly aid in boosting your immune system. However, there are certain forms of contact the 3GS does not take well to: swan diving into empty pools, kisses from penguins, and roller derby tryouts, to name a few. If your 3GS has encountered unfavorable contact, your chances of getting sick increase astronomically. Boost your immune system today by making your iPhone touchable again with this Front Panel.

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