InterWorks PS3 HKS Racing Controller

InterWorks PS3 HKS Racing Controller

Product Description

The HKS Racing Controller is the ultimate racing controller pad for your racing games on the PS3. Armed with features like precision control steering wheel, analog pressure acceleration and brake pedals, the HKS Racing Controller brings driving friendly analog controls, and takes racing games to a new level of challenge and realism by allowing players to replicate the best driving techniques used by race drivers.

Precision Control Steering Wheel: Pressurized racing wheel enables full rotational range for left and right turn control. automatic re-centering racing wheel utilizes center indicator, enabling full tactile control while preserving driver on-road focus.

Analog Pressure Acceration and Brake Pedals: Full range pressure sensors allow real world control over gas and brake pedals. absolute control is necessary to execute the advanced heel-toe racing technique for drifting!

Apply full throttle for and exiting corner turns!

Digital Pressure Gauge: Light up numerical indicator displays your real-time pressure being applied to the accelerator and brake pedals. Dynamic digital readout incrementally displays pressure readout in every millisecond.

Race Mode Switch: Re-map gas/brake pedal with single button configuration switch. One-touch switching between square/x and L2/R2 configurations.

Joystick Switch: Full dual access to both left and right analog joystick.

HKS Inspired: The controller's red, white and black color scheme and graphic design is inspired by the legendary

HKS CT230R race car.