iFixit Precision Screw Extractor Set

iFixit Precision Screw Extractor Set

Product Description

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Extract tough stripped screws without damaging the device. Safely remove stripped screws and replace the age-old practice of coating the screw-riddled device with wax and feathers and hurling it into the sun. We know how annoying stripped screws can be. Before you resort to the rotary tool or super glue, give these little guys a try. Hardened bits with 4 sharp points for gripping what's left of the screwhead safely. Extractor tips are double-sided and reversible: 3 drivers have the same size bits on each end, and 1 driver has different sizes on each end—a total of 5 different bits. Anodized machined aluminum handles with swivel tops and pocket clips. Made in USA. Please Note: This tool requires some mechanical aptitude and careful feel. If you stripped a screw while carefully using the correct type of driver the first time, it is possible you will not be successful with this tool. Screws that are cross-threaded, jammed, or glued in place will be very difficult to remove with any tool. Our Screw Extracting Pliers are easier to use, but will not grip recessed screws.