Hyperkin DSi Protective Seal

Hyperkin DSi Protective Seal

Product Description

Keep dust, dirt, fingerprints and scratches away from your Nintendo DSi screen. The Nintendo DSi Protective Seal repels dust, keeps dirt and fingerprints away, prevents minor scratches, and reduces glare on your Nintendo DSi screen. Made with high transparent material, the Nintendo DSi Protective Seal is washable, reusable, and easily applicable on to your Nintendo DSi screen. Using the included applier, you can put on the Protective Seal with virtually no air bubbles. You can also peel off the Protective Seal and the seal leaves no residue when removed. Includes seal for top screen, bottom screen and camera lens.

Prevent scratches, fingerprints, dust from getting on the DSi screen

Reduces glare from the sun

Made with silicon material

Washable and reusable

Covers top screen, bottom screen and camera lens