HHCGgames PS3 5X USB Hub

HHCGgames PS3 5X USB Hub
Item# HY-HP5UH

Product Description

Are you frustrated with being limited to just two USB ports on your PS3? Look no further, as the 5X USB Hub is the best solution for expanding your PS3 from having two to five ports. This USB Hub is powerful enough to power all five USB ports without an additional AC Adapter or power inputs. Simply plug in the USB Hub into the two USB ports on the front of your PS3 or PS3 Slim, and now you have 5 ports to charge your controllers and power your PlayStation Eye camera and other USB devices. Compatible with all PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3, Sixaxis, Move Motion and Move Navigation controllers, as well as the Eye Camera.

Easy installation

Converts the two USB ports into five USB ports

Powers and charges all your PS3 controllers, the PlayStation Eye Camera and other USB devices

No additional AC Adapter or power inputs necessary