Copystars CD/DVD Duplicator

Copystars CD/DVD Duplicator
Item# AM-CDD
Retail price: $399.99
Our price: $364.99

Product Description

You can take 1 CD or DVD and make up to 3 copies at the same time.

*Do not copy protected disc included store bought and rental CD DVD

128mb DDR2 fast memory buffered instead of slower Sdram . # Intelligent design automatically recognizes the source disc format # Stylish design control panel, controller utilizes familiar "ESC" &"ENT" buttons with tactile feedback for easy navigation # System is updated-able via firmware or maintenance purpose # Password protection modes prevent unauthorized usage # Fully stand-alone system - No computer ! No dvd duplicator software required. UL approved power supply and all components are Rohs compliants.

1 to 3 Cd dvd duplicator