Armor3 Travel Kit For Nintendo Switch

Armor3 Travel Kit For Nintendo Switch

Product Description

Kit up, soldier! When you are out in the field, your rucksack is your best friend. You best believe a stocked ruck is a happy ruck. The Armor3 Travel Kit for the Nintendo Switch® includes a protective travel case, a 5 ft. Type-C charging cable, thumb grips, a pair of silicone skins for your controllers, a screen protector, and earbuds. This is the necessary inventory to keep you and your fellow soldiers in the battle when an airdrop for supplies is not an option. Your only option is victory.

Includes: (1 pc.) protective travel case (1 pc.) 5 ft. Type-C charging cable (2 pcs.) silicone skins for Joy-Con®(1 red, 1 blue) (4 pcs.) thumb grips for Joy-Con® (2 red, 2 black) (2 pcs.) screen protector (1 pc.) earbuds