Refurbished Apple Watch Nike+ Series 2, 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with Flat Silver / White Nike Sport Band

Refurbished Apple Watch Nike+ Series 2, 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with Flat Silver / White Nike Sport Band

Product Description

Originally released September 2016

S2 dual-core processor

Built-in GPS

Water resistant to 50 meters1

2x brighter second-generation OLED Retina display with Force Touch (1000 nits)

Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz)

Bluetooth 4.0

Heart rate sensor



Ambient light sensor

Covered by Appleís one-year limited warranty

Whatís in the Box Refurbished Apple Watch Nike+ Series 2 Magnetic charging cable

System Requirements Requires iPhone 5 or later. Some features are not available in all regions or all languages.

Built-in GPS. Go for a run. Even without your iPhone. With built-in GPS, Apple Watch Series 2 can record precise distance, speed, and pace while youíre walking, running, or cycling outdoors. It picks up a signal right away, so you donít have to wait to get moving. And when youíre done, you can check your iPhone to see a map of your route and where you ran your fastest.

Water resistant. Splash. Surf. Swim. Apple Watch Series 2 is rated water resistant to 50 meters,1 so you can leave it on when youíre in the pool or ocean. Since a speaker canít be sealed because it needs air to produce sound, we reinvented ours ó it lets water in, then uses sound vibrations to force it back out.

Heart rate sensor. Check in anytime. The custom sensor on the back of Apple Watch Series 2 measures your heart rate throughout the day. And the data is sent to your iPhone, where you can track your heart rate patterns over time in the Health app.

Workout app. Sweat the details. Choose from 12 indoor and outdoor workouts ó including swimming, biking, running, and elliptical ó then set your goals and get moving. However you work out, Apple Watch Series 2 accurately measures your movement. Select up to five metrics to view at once, automatically pause a run, and even mark segments.

Activity rings. Sit less. Move more. Get some exercise. Your Stand, Move, and Exercise rings show you how active you are every day and inspire you to move a little more. See if youíve been sitting too much. Track how many steps youíve taken and how many calories youíve burned. And aim for 30 minutes of exercise, even if itís not all at once.

Coaching. A nudge when you need it. Smart notifications help you close your Stand, Move, and Exercise rings every day. Apple Watch Series 2 gives you regular progress updates and uses your success to motivate you to pursue new goals.

Achievements. A tap on the wrist. A pat on the back. When you hit milestones or reach your personal best, Apple Watch Series 2 is there to help you celebrate. For each achievement youíll receive a distinctive badge you can share with friends.

Third-party health apps. Whatís good for you? The right apps can play an active, immediate role in reminding you to keep up with your regimens and routines. Apple Watch Series 2 lets you add the ones that fit best in your life.