Night Owl Security POSEIDON-45

Night Owl Security POSEIDON-45
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Product Description

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Night Owl Poseidon-45 8 Channel H.264 Video Security Kit with 500GB Hard Drive, 4 Night Vision Cameras & Viewable Over your PC/Mac, Tablet or Smartphone

Night Owl's Poseidon-45 is an advanced 8 Channel H.264 smart DVR with 4 Indoor/Outdoor night vision cameras that allows you to access it remotely from both the Internet via Safari 5.0 (Mac) and Internet Explorer (PC) and/or select 3G/4G Smartphones including your iPhone®, Android® and select Blackberry® Models. The kit comes with everything you need to set it up yourself. This is truly a Do-it-Yourself security system.

Key Features

• 8 Channel H.264 Smart DVR (500GB Hard Drive Pre-installed) • 24/7 Technical Support at • D1 Recording • Digital Watermarking Video Time and Date Stamped for Official Use • Playback all Channels at Once • Viewable Anywhere in the World via Internet Explorer (PC) or Safari 5.0 (Mac) • Viewable on Your 3G/4G Smart Phone • Motion Activated Recording/Email Alerts • Simple Point and Click User Interface – USB Mouse Included • USB Backup • Connects Directly to Your TV (RCA) or Monitor (VGA) • Night Vision up to 30 ft. • No Monthly Fees • Professional Installation Services Available Nationwide (US Only) Top five reasons to own a Night Owl Security System

View & Control Anywhere in the World This smart H.264 DVR will allow you to view all of your cameras remotely on select 3G/4G Smartphones running Windows Mobile®, Symbian®, iPhone®, Android® and select Blackberry® Models on 3G/4G networks are all compatible. You can also view all of your cameras on your tablet PCs such as iPads®, and Tablet PCs running Windows® Mobile, Windows® 7 and Android® Operating Systems.

In addition, this smart H.264 DVR allows you to view and control your system over the Internet using Safari 5.0 (Mac) and/or Internet Explorer (PC). No matter where you are in the world you can log into your system and watch real time video streams, playback previously recorded files and even backup the system remotely. The network ready feature also turns any computer screen on your network into a live surveillance center. Having the ability to check on your home or business has never been easier.

Advanced H.264 DVR Technology

Motion Activated Recording with Real Time Email Alerts Motion activation allows you to record only when necessary, and makes it easy to find important footage during video playback. This will save you time and conserve hard drive space. Enhanced motion detection settings ensure that false alarms are not triggered. An easy motion detection mask allows you to block out areas with constant movement, such as roads or trees. This feature also will send you a real time email alert with an image attachment to your Smartphone or PC when the cameras detect movement.

Easy Backup Options with 24/7 Recording The built-in USB port 2.0 allows you to backup your important video footage directly to a USB flash drive or external USB hard drive. (Peripherals not included).

Connects Directly to your TV or Monitor This DVR easily connects to your TV for instant viewing and comes equipped with 2 video outputs so you can connect multiple TVs. For your convenience we have included a 6ft RCA cable. In addition to being able to connect directly to your TV, this DVR also comes equipped with a VGA output jack to connect directly with any computer monitor or TV with a VGA input. (VGA cable not included)

Simple Point and Click Interface with a 500GB Hard Drive Pre-Installed The Poseidon-45 comes equipped with a state of the art, easy to use icon based interface. All you need to do is point and click to access any of the features of the DVR. The interface is very user friendly and comes equipped with both a USB mouse and remote control. Utilizing H.264 compression this system records up to 1 year of video with its pre-installed 500GB security certified SATA hard drive (expandable up to 2TB Sata). The hard drive was specifically designed for DVRs, and provides faster read/write times and reliable recording of your video surveillance footage. Indoor / Outdoor Night Vision Cameras The cameras come equipped with 11 infrared LEDs and have night vision up to 30 ft in complete darkness with a sharp Color CMOS sensor that produces clear and crisp images at 420 TV lines of resolution. This equates to about 20ft of facial recognition which is imperative for law enforcement to be able to prosecute a perpetrator. The housing is specifically designed to be used indoors or outdoors and can withstand temperatures between 0°F and 114°F. Utilizing IP-66 the camera is water and weather resistant. They connect directly to your DVR utilizing the industry standard BNC connectors. All Night Owl cameras are compatible with every Night Owl DVR system.