MacBook Pro 17" (Model A1151/A1212/A1229/A1261) LCD Panel

MacBook Pro 17" (Model A1151/A1212/A1229/A1261) LCD Panel
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Replace your LCD Panel! CCFL backlit LCD panel. Glossy and matte finish LCDs are interchangeable, you can install either type in your MacBook Pro 17", regardless of the original LCD panel type

IMPORTANT: This LCD is only compatible with MacBook Pro 17" laptops that are model A1151, A1212, A1229 or model A1261, and shipped with CCFL backlight displays and a 1680x1050 resolution. Although visually identical, this part will not work in the Hi-Res LED 1920x1200 Models.

Looking for a display assembly for the Hi-Res A1261? We've got you covered: MacBook Pro 17" (Model A1261 Hi-Res) LCD LED Panel

Compatibility Identify your Mac 2.16 (Model A1151) 17" MacBook Pros 2.33 GHz (Model A1212) 17" MacBook Pros 2.4 or 2.6 GHz (Model A1229) 17" MacBook Pros 2.5 or 2.6 GHz (Model A1261) 17" MacBook Pros with 1680x1050 resolution