J5 Create JUC 400 Wormhole Switch - USB 2.0, For Windows and Mac

J5 Create JUC 400 Wormhole Switch - USB 2.0, For Windows and Mac
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Product Description

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J5 Create JUC 400 Wormhole Switch Simplify file sharing using this J5 Create JUC’s Wormhole Switch. Thanks to its Share Clipboard and KVM Functionality, this Wormhole Switch allows users to share files and other documents across multiple platforms with just a simple click on your keyboard or mouse. You don’t need to install software or go on lengthy settings adjustments when using this unique switch. Just plug this wormhole cable between your PCs and Mac®s' USB 2.0 ports, and you can easily swap files as if you're using one computer! Purchase this Wormhole cable right now!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

Wormhole Switch; enables you to quickly edit and transfer files using multiple devices USB 2.0 Connectivity; ensures stable attachment to your system Share Clipboard;lets you copy paste texts, pictures, and other data to the next device just like on a single computer KM Functionality;increases your productivity and efficiency by using either keyboard or mouse to control the other device Plug-and-Play Operation;lets you enjoy easy file sharing without software installation and settings adjustment Windows and Mac® Compatibility; allows file swapping and content sharing between Windows to Windows, Mac® to Mac®, Mac® to Window, and Mac® to iPad®