iPhone 3G Front Panel

iPhone 3G Front Panel
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For centuries, no man was envied more than Aladdin for his flying woven friend. Though a third wheel and an occasionally crotchety companion, the magic carpet was the perfect chauffeur to facilitate amorous evenings with Arabian princesses. Nevertheless, the risk of being rolled into a mouthwatering rug burrito was unavoidable.

These days, a more low-risk royalty seduction method is available. Change the front panel on an Arabian princess' iPhone 3G with this kit and win her inevitably-sovereign heart while avoiding the perils associated with irascible rugs.

This kit includes adhesive strips, a metal spudger, a plastic spudger, a #00 Phillips Screwdriver, a suction cup, and of course the front panel (touchscreen glass with integrated digitizer). Thankfully, no wishes need to be expended on instructions for installing the replacement front panel. As always, iFixit provides these guides free of charge. So stop wishing and get fixing! A whole new world of iPhone 3G Front Panel repair awaits!

IMPORTANT: This kit is only for the iPhone 3G. Although visually identical, this part will not work in the iPhone 3GS. If you have an iPhone 3GS, you can find the correct part here.

Installation requires a heat gun or hair dryer, which is not included.

Want to know what exactly you're getting into? Watch a customer install this part.

Compatibility Identify your iPhone All 3G iPhones (excluding 3GS)